We offer SQL Training in delhi by industry experts, our SQL course covers basic to advanced level with practical learning. As we know SQL is the most demanding technology in the analysis field and basically used for query writing. So at excelvbaguru we create SQL course structure for professionals to secure and upgrade their job. We teach SQL on different database tools like sql server, MYSQL, Oracle so learners can feel confident.

SQL Fundamental

  • Need of SQL as database activity
  • Describing the building blocks and standards
  • Data Types, Operators and Expressions in SQL

Creating Tables Using SQL

  • Creating tables with CREATE TABLE
  • Modifying the structure of table with ALTER TABLE
  • Adding columns to an existing table
  • Removing table definition with DROP TABLE

Protecting Data

  • Data integrity and constraints
  • Preventing Duplicacy with Primary key constraints
  • Enforcing integrity with foreign key constraints
  • Imposing rules with a check constraint

Manipulating Data

  • Adding table data with INSERT
  • Updating content with UPDATE
  • Removing records with DELETE

Controlling Transactions


SELECT Statement in SQL

  • Retrieving data with SELECT
  • Accessing Specific column
  • Sorting rows with ORDER BY
  • Working with NULL values

From and Where Clause

  • Testing for equality
  • Applying wildcard characters
  • Avoiding NULL values

Multiple Tables Query

  • Matching rows with INNER JOIN
  • Accessing nonmatched rows with OUTER JOIN

Combining results

  • Arrange results with UNION
  • Identify matching rows with INTERSECT
  • EXCEPT to find nonmatching rows

Functions in SQL

  • SUM, AVG and COUNT
  • MAX and MIN

Creating Nested Queries

  • Applying subqueries
  • Testing the existence of rows
  • Including subqueries in expressions
  • Placing subqueries in the column list
  • Complex expressions

Developing Views

  • Breaking complex problems
  • Creating views in a database
  • Creating reusable code
  • Updateable and non-updateable views

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