IFERROR Function in Excel: We will learn about syntax and how to use iferror function in Excel with examples.


The Function returns a custom value when a function generates an error, otherwise, it returns the result of the value part. The most useful function of Excel to manage errors in a formula in Excel.


=IFERROR(Value, Value_If_Error)

  • Value – The formula, reference or value that may generate an error.
  • Value_If_Error – The value to return, if an error is detected.


If we try to divide a number by zero, excel will display #DIV/0 error.

Above example show you how to use iferror function at the time division. When you divide a number with zero it returns an error of #DIV/0, to solve this problem we will use iferror function.

IFERROR Function in Excel

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  • December 3, 2018 at 8:32 am

    This is very interesting function. You made me to understand in very easy way with help of simple examples. Thank you


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