Excel VBA Guru offers advanced excel training in Delhi. Our Excel course combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Our aim is to train students to become industry ready in every way. Excel VBA guru cover most useful functions and tools of excel in our master excel course, so working excel professionals can also upgrade their knowledge. We include excel assignments and excel examples in our advanced excel training to train the excel learner.

 Begin with Excel Workbook and Worksheet

  • Playing with multiple Excel Worksheets
  • Group Excel Worksheets
  • Consolidate Excel Worksheets
  • Share Excel Worksheet
  • Protect Excel Worksheet

All about Cells and Cell Formats

  • Custom Cell Formats
  • Paste with quick operations
  • Wrap Text in Excel
  • Merge Cells in Excel
  • Show or Remove Decimal Places
  • Link Cell to referenced document (Hyperlinks)
  • Check Mark in Excel
  • Skip Blanks
  • Transpose data

Cell References in Excel

  • Relative Reference in Excel
  • Absolute Reference in Excel
  • Mixed Reference in Excel
  • 3D Reference in Excel
  • External Reference in Excel

Formulas in Excel

  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Financial Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Lookup and Reference Functions
  • Formula Auditing

Text Functions in Excel

  • Left, Right and Mid
  • Join Strings using ‘&’ Operator
  • Combine Strings using Concatenate Function
  • Separate Strings using Find and Search Function
  • Count length of string using Len Function
  • Remove Spaces using Trim or Substitute
  • Remove line breaks using Clean Function
  • Compare strings using Exact Function or ‘=’ operator
  • Replace and Substitute Function
  • Lower, Upper & Proper Function

Conditional and Logical Functions in Excel

  • The IF Function
  • IF Function with comparison operators
  • Multiple IF Function within single IF Function
  • IF Function with AND Function
  • IF Function with OR Function
  • IF Function with NOT Function
  • IFs  Function
  • Conditional Formatting in Excel

Lookup Functions in Excel

  • VLookup Function
  • HLookup Function
  • MATCH and INDEX Function
  • Reverse Lookup with CHOOSE function
  • Left Lookup
  • Reverse Lookup with MATCH and INDEX Functions
  • Double Lookup
  • Two column Lookup
  • Exact Match
  • Approximate Match
  • Lookup Tricks

Date and Time Functions in Excel

  • Today’s date
  • Current date with Time
  • Year, Month, Day with Date Function
  • Hour, Minute, Second with Time Function
  • Datedif function
  • Calculate Age in Excel
  • Prepare Time Sheet
  • Calculate Days until Birthday
  • Calculate networking days in a month
  • Calculate Weeks in year
  • Find Weekday, Weeknum and last day of month
  • Dynamic Date Vs Static Date
  • Quarterly Report generation

Mathematical & Statistical Functions in Excel

  • Arithmetic Operators in Excel
  • Calculate Total with one or many conditions
  • Calculate Average with one or many conditions
  • RoundUp( ) and RoundDown( ) Functions
  • FLOOR( ) and CEILING( ) Functions
  • Find Square Root in Excel
  • Find Factorial in Excel
  • Print Integer value using INT()
  • Print absolute value using ABS()
  • Count Blank or Non-Blank Cells
  • Count Characters and Words in a String
  • Count Cells having text
  • CountIF and CountIFs
  • SumIF and SumIFs
  • AverageIF and AverageIFS
  • Find Minimum and second minimum value using Small()
  • Find Maximum and second maximum value using Large()

Financial Functions in Excel

  • PMT Function in Excel
  • Calculate the Rate of Interest in Excel
  • Calculate present value & Future value
  • Calculate Investment and Annuity in Excel

Data Analysis in Excel

  • Sorting Data in Ascending or Descending order
  • Advanced Data Filtering Technique
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation in Excel
  • Data List creation in Excel
  • Dependent data list creation in Excel
  • Data Tables in Excel
  • Excel Scenarios
  • Goal Seek
  • Named Ranges in Excel 
  • Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Create a Custom Name in Excel
  • Excel Pivot Tables
  • Excel Pivot Charts

Data Visualisation using Charts

  • How to Sort Data in Excel Charts
  • Move and Resize your Chart
  • Chart Styles and Layouts
  • Chart Titles and Series Titles
  • Format your Axis Titles

 How to Create an Excel Template

  • Data User Forms 
  • Add your own Error Messages
  • Object Linking and Embedding
  • Insert Drawing Objects

Error Handling in Excel

  • Details about Excel errors
  • IfError() for error handling
  • IsError() for error handling
  • Use of Aggregate Function for error handling
  • Circular reference
  • Formula Auditing

Assignments & Projects in Excel

  • Prepare Budget 
  • Calculate Electricity Bill
  • Calculate Income Tax 
  • Data Cleaning
  • Prepare a Master Sheet

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